It takes more than elegance to pick the right pool shape for your area. Your pool’s shape should complement your yard’s size, style, and aesthetic goals. This guide will help you choose a pool shape for your outside space and lifestyle.

Calculating Yard Shape and Size

Think about your yard’s size and shape while purchasing a pool. Tiny rectangular or plunge pools optimise space in small yards while giving swimming and relaxing space. Lagoon-style or freeform pools appear natural in larger yards. Knowing how big your yard is enables you choose a pool style that fits without taking up too much space or being underused.

People Want Landscapes

Your landscape plans determine pool shape. Your garden may look best with an oval or square pool and formal vegetation. Modern structures and well-kept lawns benefit from these shapes. In natural, relaxed yards, freeform pools with smooth curves and asymmetrical designs may boost flow. Consider how the pool will fit with patios, flower beds, and trees to make it work.

Common Pool Shapes

To demonstrate how different pools work in your area, let’s review several popular styles chosen by pool builders in Charleston :

LONG Square Pools

Traditional rectangular pools suit numerous yard sizes and types. Their classic style and straight lines make them suitable for lap swimming and pool parties. Flexible rectangular pools can hold spas, slides, and diving boards. Many homeowners pick them because they complement classic and modern landscape.

Pools without Structure

Curved freeform pools resemble lagoons. Our pools make it easy to create a tropical garden sanctuary. Freeform pools may accommodate uneven yards and seem more natural with rocks, streams, and lots of plants and flowers. They are great for a more relaxed pool experience.


Due to their uneven design, kidney pools enhance any garden. Modest bends make them simpler to swim in and more relaxed. Kidney-shaped pools can match landscaping in small yards. They’re stylish, adaptable, and can separate swimming and relaxing.

L-Shaped Pools for Swimming

People with larger yards or who want the most from their pool may choose L-shaped pools. Games, shallow fishing, and lap swimming are possible with its unique design. L-shaped pools allow youngsters and adults their own space, making family fun and safer.

Enhancing Design

After choosing a pool shape that fits your yard and design, add amenities to make it more usable and attractive. Your pool looks and sounds good with bubblers, waterfalls, and fountains. With the right lights, your pool can be a nocturnal paradise. Built-in hot tubs and spas provide daytime relaxation.


Consider your yard size, landscaping preferences, and aesthetic goals when picking a backyard pool shape. Try different shapes and get professional guidance to build a pool that complements your outside area and style. Your property can look and function better with the right pool shape. This applies to freeform designs with natural curves, rectangular designs with clean lines, and L-shaped designs that can be used in various ways.