Termites are devastating pests that can invade your home. Aside from being a nuisance, termites can threaten your home’s structural integrity. Termites can cause your home’s wooden structures to become unstable, putting the quality of your home and your safety at risk. It’s important to work with an expert in pest control Round Rock to protect your house from such pests before they wreak havoc in your house. If you believe you have an existing termite infestation, get treatment right away. Waiting to get your home treated for termites allows the damage to worsen. The right experts can quickly and effectively solve your termite issue. 

Identifying Termite Locations

Termites can congregate deep within your house. Sometimes, you may not be aware of their presence until a thorough termite inspection is performed. Before treating a termite issue, experts will determine the location of the termites, so they can identify the extent of the problem. When experts identify the scope of the issue, they can choose an appropriate solution.

Identifying the Species You Are Dealing With

Different species of termites require different treatments. Effective termite treatment is based on the characteristics and vulnerabilities of every species. This makes it important to determine the kind of termites you are dealing with before you take action. 

In addition, knowing the species of termites can help you determine the kind of protective measures you should take and the signs of infestations to watch for. common species of termites include the following:

  • Formosan subterranean termites. These termites create their houses in the soil, constructing huge nests around your house. They use tunnels to travel to and from your house to find food sources such as wood and timber. 
  • Southern drywood termites. These termites build nests inside dry wood materials such as walls, foundations, and roofs. They are drawn to decaying wood, but also eat healthy woods within your home’s structures. 

Are Termites Dangerous?

All species of termites are dangerous since they dan cause serious structural damage. Once they invade structures, they feed on various wooden structures like furniture, wooden frames, support beams, doors, trims, and flooring. Termite damage is expensive to repair, particularly since homeowners’ insurance may not cover termite damage.  

Why Do You Have Termites? 

Usually, termites find their way into your property following a termite swarm. This occurs when winged termites emerge from the colony to mate, look for a suitable nesting location, and start a new colony. Also, termites end up on your home from a neighboring property. Some termites enter houses through the ground level and emerge from the soil in concealed areas. Others feed, live, and nest inside wooden structures.